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And why is it so hard to get in? ASHA tracks admissions data in its annual survey of higher education programs. In the most recent survey—for academic year ——the responding speech-language pathology graduate programs received more than 50, applications, and accepted 12, for about 7, slots on. In the previous year, programs received 45, applications and accepted 11, The number of applications does not, of course, equal the number of applicants. USC received applications to its full- and part-time programs for the year, and accepted 93 What will make you stand out?

Essays and recommendations take center stage after scores and grades. Some programs favor one over the other, but make sure both are strong—if your scores and grades are similar to those of another applicant, the essay and recommendations can break the tie.

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Get to know your undergraduate professors—you will need their recommendations. CSD-related volunteer and work experience, student organization involvement, and work on research projects are all helpful to your overall application package, but are valuable only. If you want to be an SLP, keep up your GPA, prepare thoroughly for the GRE, get to know professors who will write informative recommendations, and make sure your personal statement is cogent, well-written and error-free.

Speech-language pathology is no different from other competitive specialized programs—law, medicine, physical therapy, social. Then what? As with other undergraduate majors— psychology, sociology, history, English and communications—the nature of the degree, including the general education requirements, provides a foundation for jobs in a number of areas: marketing, insurance, real estate, business, sales, management, public relations and more.

The bottom line? If you want to be an SLP, keep up your GPA especially in those all-important CSD-related prerequisites , prepare thoroughly for the GRE, get to know professors who will write informative recommendations, and make sure your personal statement is cogent, well-written and error-free.

And remember that no matter what, your education and personal strengths can lead you to success in other fields or courses of study—avenues that can lead to a fulfilling career and opportunities for meaningful contributions. Hey Shannon, nice to see some other applicants on here! Have you visited the program? I certainly fell in love with it at the information session I attended. Stats are as follows:. I'm a cancer survivor, myself, I began college while going through chemo, so that's my motivation to be a PA.

Congrats on finishing up school!!! Are you graduating early?

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Good luck in classes this fall!!!! Hope to see you at an interview :. Wow your stats are awesome and your story is definitely inspiring! But yes I am graduating early this December with a degree in biology, I work as a ER tech at a local hospital so I wanted to graduate early to get in some extra patient care hours!

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Im so glad you made this thread! Hope to see you as well :. That's an awesome smart move, picking up those extra HCE hours!!! You'll have no problem getting in. I am applying to MUSC for the upcoming cycle as well.

I submitted my online application and I am waiting for all my transcripts to be mailed there, I am mailing the supplemental today! D3t3rm1n3d my stats are practically identical to you except my GRE is a little lower im not a great standardized test taker. I am just finishing up Anatomy and Physiology II and Medical Biochemistry this summer and then I'll be working in healthcare somewhere to keep up on my hours!

Good Luck to everyone!

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Hopefully we will hear sooner than later and meet each other at interview dates! Medical biochemistry sounds like an awesome course!

I wish I had the opportunity to take that! Your HCE will definitely make up for any lower test scores, you sure have a lot!!

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Good luck!! We are insanely busy right now with finals coming up but if I can help you all in any way feel free to ask. I may not get back to you right away but I know how it feels to be where you are right now! I love MUSC so far, you guys are making a great choice by applying here.

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Good luck with your applications! Thanks, dlandes! What do you like most about the curriculum? Is there anything problematic about it? Good luck on finals!!! I didn't have any paid hands on training because I played college baseball and didn't have much time beyond shadowing here and there in the summers. I haven't really flirted with that line at all yet but it is always in the back of my head. Anatomy is tough but the professor is absolutely amazing! If you all have not turned in your applications yet here are a few things to think about putting in your essays.

Be ready to answer questions about strengths and weaknesses and don't be that person that says "I'm a perfectionist, or I overwork myself" they can see through the BS trust me. Again I really enjoy it here so far, but there is no way around it, your world is going to be rocked.

If you all have anymore questions feel free to ask. Thanks for the advice! I would try to keep it at or under the limit. I don't know what goes on when they evaluate applications but you definitely wouldn't want to be thrown out because you couldn't follow directions or something.

I know it's hard to say what you need to in words. I am currently working on my online application but could some one please tell me where to find the supplemental. All I could conclude from reading the site is that the supplemental consists of GRE scores, transcripts, and recommendations which I thought is submitted with the online application electronically? Is there an actual supplemental application to fill out? You'll send those materials by mail to MUSC, in addition to the transcripts your university will send.

Hope that helps! I just have a quick question about MUSC's application. For the section where you enter the information for your references to complete a recommendation online, does anyone know if it is like CASPA where it will go ahead and email your references with a link to complete the reference, or will it wait to email them until you submit your entire MUSC application?

I'm just trying to figure out if I need to try to submit this whole application ASAP so my references have time to fill out the recommendation before the deadline, or if I should just send them a paper reference form. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! They wait until you submit your application. Then they send the link. If you are worried, send your referees the link for the paper application. Okay I am probably over thinking this but are they looking for a CV or a resume attached to the application?

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Or is either one fine?