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Critical thinking is goal-directed , so motivation is an essential consideration when teaching for critical thinking. Visual activities can help cultivate critical thinking skills like analysis and inference.

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Analysis consists of breaking something complex into its components and identifying the relationships among them. This is a critical thinking skill relevant in every discipline. Student-generated concept maps can effectively aid the analysis process and doing them interactively on the board with your class can work well as a mid-term review activity. Inference consists of drawing conclusions from combinations of observations. Students first list as many inarguable observations as they can on the left, then the inferences about the picture they make, and finally they connect specific observations that support specific inferences.

Giving students practice developing these skills with objects from outside your discipline can help them focus on the activity itself, and worry less about content-specific performance. Successful transfer occurs when learners see past the surface features of a new situation to recognize familiar patterns in its deeper structure. The likelihood of successful transfer is reduced, however, if learner knowledge is too tightly-bound to the original context in which it was learned.

Prompting learners to explain something to themselves or someone else for example, in a think-pair-share or two-stage exam can trigger important meta-cognitive processing that leads to higher quality learning. Critical thinking skills are best taught explicitly in the context of course material.

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  • In a meta-analysis of studies, Abrami, et al. They found that courses in which critical thinking skills were explicitly taught as a separate track within a content course had the largest effect. Instructional interventions affecting critical thinking skills and dispositions: A stage 1 meta-analysis. Much like your physical core, leaders and managers have their own core —comprised not of muscles—but of skills and behaviors essential for leading , managing and helping their firms and teams successfully navigate the challenges of the workplace and marketplace.

    No matter which career, professionals generally need a core set of skills to succeed in the workplace. Here are four types you will need to develop to get ahead:. While there are many more skills that you develop and draw upon in your professional life, these four reign supreme. They are foundational to your ability to engage others , problem-solve, guide, motivate, and navigate in organizational settings. And like everything else in life, mastery requires hard work and ample practice.

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    While there are many more professional skills that you develop and draw upon in your professional life, critical thinking skills are foundational to your ability to engage others, problem-solve, guide, motivate, and navigate in organizational settings. And, like everything else in life, mastery of critical thinking skills requires hard work and ample practice.

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    Specifically, an individual who exhibits strong critical thinking skills would do activities such as the following well. Professional skills are very much a career-long commitment.

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    • These exercises below will help you build up and strengthen your critical thinking. Why this works : You want to expose yourself to new ideas and new experiences. This will help expand your knowledge base and your mind. This title provides some terrific insights and lessons for business professionals from three of the individuals most responsible for creating our technology-driven world. If these suggestions don't appeal to you, find subjects and authors who expose you to new ideas and challenge you to think differently.

      Why this works: This not only expands your mind but helps you build opportunities for your firm to beat the competitors. In doing this, you'll also identify opportunities for your firm to beat your competitors. Engage your customer-facing colleagues in this exercise to gain their insights on competitor strategies and opportunities. This type of intelligence gathering and analysis is an excellent exercise for your entire team.

      7 Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

      How to do this: Identify an orphan problem and ask for your boss's support in tackling it. You will probably find some of the statements easy to judge but other statements difficult. If you can effectively debate the truthfulness of a statement with your partner, then it's most likely an opinion. Share Flipboard Email. Grace Fleming has a master's degree in education and is an academic advisor and college enrollment counselor. She lectures and writes about study skills. These exercises are designed to help develop critical thinking skills.

      This exercise provides an opportunity to think outside your normal way of thinking.

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      What is a game? Why are there no female players? Why do people get so excited about watching other people play games? What is a team? Why can't the people in the seats go down on the field and join in?

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      My mom is the best mom on earth. My dad is taller than your dad. My telephone number is difficult to memorize.


      The deepest part of the ocean is 35, feet deep.