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However, a Catholic education is very important in our lives. Students are not good because they act in accord with rules and expectations. The one she sent me to offered a much better education than the local public school, and aside from that, she liked that the Catholic school combined academic lessons with those on morals and good behavior. Most people overlook Catholic schools but they are a great source for religious formation and a good source of knowledge and service.

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Those things are ancient history. The students are nice too, and I have made many friends here.

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Catholic Schools Week Jan. The contest each year engages high. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish. It is designed to be a celebration of Catholic schools and. Steve comes in during our religion classes and teaches us more about our faith. Every week we go to Mass as a whole school. The junior high goes on religious retreats during the school year. I am glad the school I am in teaches me about my faith. My Catholic education will help me in the future. In the future, this education will help me be a better person and help me make the right choices. I know that I can make a difference by helping others.

Hilary is a wonderful school because it gives you more of a challenge in your academics and teaches you how to use those challenges in your every day life. The teachers at St. Hilary are great role models and inspirational people. They help us to rise up the the challenges they give us. Hilary, we learn to share what we have and show kindness to each other. I feel very fortunate to be educated at St. Hilary because of the great education and people that make St.

Hilary the special place that it is. However, a Catholic education is very important in our lives.

Students at Catholic schools are in an atmosphere where they can talk freely and openly about their faith daily. They are also privileged to attend religion class daily. Students are making friends with others who share the same values as they do. I will always be grateful for my Catholic education at St. Hilary taught me valuable subjects, but because of St.

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Hilary I now have a religious ooutlook on life. Having religion class every day has helped to strengthen my relationship with God. This year I am also privileged to be making the sacrament of Confirmation with my class.

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After going to a Catholic school for nine years, I try to see things through God's eyes and follow in Jesus' footsteps. Going to a Catholic school has let me freely express my beliefs.

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Hilary School is a great school. Its curriculum is thorough and there is a broad range of extra-curricular activities. However, the thing that sets it apart from the rest is the fact that St. Hilary is a Catholic school. A Catholic school is different from others. The atmosphere is more like that of a home and instead of feeling like just one more person, students feel like part of a family. The teachers care about the students and have a passion for teaching. The day starts with a short prayer and in the classrooms there are small reminders, like rosaries or Bibles, that God is helping you through your day. A Catholic school is a place where you are free to express your religion. A Catholic school education is different from others. In religion class, we learn about Catholic beliefs and the history of the Catholic faith. We read lessons from the Bible and have open class discussions about what we learn and how it fits with what were always taught. The teacher encourages us to investigate not only what we believe but why we believe what we do.

We also learn about Christian morals and behavior.