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McGinn discusses his reasons shortly, assuming that he is correct. This is the structure of his argument: 1 It is morally wrong to cause the suffering and death of animals unnecessarily 2 We do cause the suffering of and death of animals unnecessarily. Therefore: 3 What we do to animals is morally wrong Research Papers words 4 pages. An issue that occurs while discussing this topic, is that many think animals are no exstended the same rights as humans. Research Papers words 6 pages. I am not writing from a vegetarian point of view, but a view concerned with how barbaric and unreasonable, living conditions and methods of slaying the animals, has become.

I will not attempt justifying the motives of intensively farming animals with the aid of certain hormones such as growth intensifiers and outrageous amounts of antibiotics, when there is enough land and money supplied from government funding for free-range, and organically bred animals Research Papers words 2. Is it morally correct to dissect a frog or a worm for the purpose of educating a high school student. On the other hand, must "We study life to protect life" The issue of killing animals for the use of biomedical research, education, and cosmetics can be referred as "vivisection".

Non-Human Animals: Crash Course Philosophy #42

Twenty-five to thirty-five million animals are spared in the U. Research Papers words 4. They used these experiments to help advance the understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

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There is no denying that animal research has contributed to improving human health. Vaccinations against polio, measles, hepatitis and other diseases have all been found thanks to the use of testing on animals. However, that does not change the fact that animal testing for our own benefit is inhumane, costly and is often not reliable Research Papers words 3. How can they become so insensitive to what they are doing. As a former vivisector, Barnes worked with monkeys and would cut them open while they were still alive.

With a primary interest of biological science, vivisectors performed experiments on living animals to advance the understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology This means that every being can suffer, therefore there is no excuse for the suffering to not be taken into account. Even if the suffering is different, it does not change the fact that it is suffering.

He adds that an object that cannot suffer or have any feeling whatsoever, is not included. This may mean that an object that is not living cannot be compared to an animal. In addition, Singer recognizes that it is better for scientists to experiment on animals than on humans. As meat consumptions greatly increase, the meat production industry led to many undesirable drawbacks. Fortunately, the alternative of vegetarian diets can lead to beneficial outcomes. The practice of vegetarianism is beneficial because it can lower the risks of getting diseases and at the same time, provide a healthier alternative to a meat diet.

Tommy, an avid hunter, decides to take advantage of the weather and go hunting.

Quietly, he finds a spot in the woods and settles. He takes in the scenery. Suddenly, Tommy hears a rustling in the leaves. A sudden noise has alerted his senses, and he spots a squirrel scurrying up a tree This argument further weakens the validity of animal experimentation. Personal Choice While there are numerous pros and cons of animal testing, the ethical aspect overshadows both of them, which means that emotion may be the ultimate determining factor in whether a person believes the benefits of animal testing outweigh the problems associated with the practice.

For more information about the ethics of animal testing on this site, read the following features:. The controversy of animal testing 2. Medical treatments that have been found as a result of animal testing 3.

The Cruelty of Animal Testing

Medical trials on humans. External Resources Read around the subject at external sites - here are two very good resources:. The BBC education page on animal ethics. The Government legislation relating to animal testing. Previous Page. Next Page.

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You might also like Threats to Researchers who Use Animals for Testing. Leading Animal Testing and Research Organisations. History of Protests Against Animal Tests. Controversy of Animal Testing. Allegations of Abuse in Animal Testing. This topic is no laughing matter. I shall be reporting you to the website director and asking to have you banned from either this site or comment sections. Thank you for your ignorance to show as a bad expel to society.

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Look, in one year, we eat up to9,,, animals if not more. When we experiment on animals, we use a little over 26,, a year. If you really want to save the animals, then turn vegan. They would be able to save more animals by turning vegan, than scientist testing on humans instead of animals. One does not have an effect to anyone, while the other saves a life, and that life could be yours.

AF - May PM. Animal testing should be banned because it's much more expensive than alternatives and less effective than those safe, harmless other methods that don't harm living creatures. Even the animal experiments that are approved have little chance of succeeding when tested on human subjects.

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Using Animals for Testing: Pros Versus Cons

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When Is Animal Testing Justified?

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