Thesis about reading skills

Readers should also note any highlighted or boldfaced words as well as captions under photographs. Previewing any pictures or sidebars that accompany the text also help the reader to connect with the material before actually beginning to read the text. An important skill in reading is learning to comprehend the main idea of a text.

This is accomplished by first determining the thesis statement of the text. The thesis statement, or topic sentence, tells the reader what the text is about; it is the most important sentence in the text. Sometimes the main idea is implied rather than directly stated in a sentence and the reader must learn how to infer make an educated guess as to what the main idea of the text is in order to comprehend the material as a whole.

Another basic skill that is essential to reading is the ability to organize the material. This helps in improving reading comprehension and in increasing reading speed. Ways of organizing the information include highlighting key points, making notes in the margins and preparing an outline of the text.

Effective teaching reading techniques in form six

Training oneself to organize key points while reading aids in comprehension and improves reading speed. Summarizing the reading material allows the reader to personalize the information they have read.

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Studies show that people retain information better when they are able to relate it to their own personal experience. The philosophical paradigm underpinning this study is predominantly positivist; thus, eight hundred questionnaires were distributed to reach as many students as possible in order to find out the answer to an inquiry through numerical evidence. Four hundred and forty nine students filled up the questionnaires, which were analysed using SPSS while seven lecturers participated in the interviews that were analysed through content analysis. Findings revealed that students at the Department of English at Zawia University lack the reading skills and the culture of reading and face difficulties in English reading comprehension.

10 Reading Comprehension Strategies All Students Need

Many lecturers are not aware of reading skills and they teach reading comprehension in a traditional way with over-emphasis on decoding and accuracy. The insufficient learning environment at the department has a negative impact on the process of learning and teaching because of the lack of facilities and library resources, overcrowded classes, and limited time allocated to reading classes.

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Strategies to Increase Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension: Finding the Thesis

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