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She still tries. But the longer I'm away, the more I realize how much nicer it is to be myself.

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I'm not what she wants, I can't be. I can't sit around and wait, be good, I can't block everyone on my phone Not for her, no. I can't throw away opportunities. Bind my own hands and fall at her feet. Beg for forgiveness because I didn't measure up to her standards of what a good wife should be. Not me.

Week 2: Rodriguez, Hoggart, and Eldred & Mortensen

I can't destroy my career. I can't give up what I love just because she loves it to. So what if I'm better than you I can't take the blame, The heartache she causes, All because I stepped away, without permi.

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    Dec 31, Hello, I'm Nabakisan, a digital artist that open a commission. The differences that divide Hoggart and Rodriguez originate from each writer's understanding of the conflict that characterizes the scholarship boy's situation. In his essay, Hoggart portrays it as being in between two classes: the working-class and the middle-class. He is "declassed" though, belonging to neither of these classes It is not usual for a boy of a working class to be successful and just move up to the middle-class, holding jobs among them, being superior to them in anyway and moving up the ladder He doesn't wish to stay at that first step.

    Essay on Richard Rodriguez, "The Achievement of Desire": | Bartleby

    On the other hand, Rodriguez sees it as differences in cultures, being the son of immigrants from Mexico. He didn't like the accent. He heard his father speak to his teacher and felt ashamed of his labored, accented words He admired his teacher as she was soft-spoken and her words were edged sharp and clean He proudly announced to his parents that he was losing his Spanish accent He wasn't interested in keeping his Spanish as his mother advised Hoggart describes the scholarship boy very thoroughly.

    He doesn't only mention his emotional status and how he feels, but also gives a little hint of his physical appearance and his relationship with more of the people around him.

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    Whenever Rodriguez speaks in the third person, his ideas and descriptions of the scholarship boy have a strong correspondence to those of Hoggart. However, this idea is not uniquely his. Hoggart believes that the scholarship boy is directly dependent on his teachers to be the authoritative figure he looks up to, rather than his parents. It progressively symbolizes his adjustment from a student who could only imitate to an adult who can now recognize the toll his false aspirations took on his family.

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    Rodriguez continues to describe and admit to the prevailing feeling school had instilled in him. He emphasizes his scholarly ambitions as the most vital part of his life. I evaded nostalgia. Tried hard to forget. But one does not forget by trying to forget.

    Was Rodriguez Really a Scholarship Boy?

    One only remembers. These final few lines of the paragraph are directly indicative of the change Rodriguez went through from a student to a singularly educated adult. Despite his desire to persevere through the pain of his education, he never was able to forget what it had done to his family.

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    Although Rodriguez knowingly pushed forward with his schooling it only helped him to recognize what was most important to him. His ability to understand this from an early age and then recognize it as an adult represents his advancement to becoming his own person. When Rodriguez reaches his final two references from The Uses of Literacy , he is able to not only recognize their differences but also point out what he does not agree with. Being that Hoggart is not a scholarship boy himself, he cannot feel and understand the same feelings that Rodriguez endured.

    Thus the criticism may ultimately be an accurate categorization, however it is unfair to exclude the circumstances the kid must endure in order to continue to succeed by imitating other great minds.