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Antolini quotes Wilhelm Stekel, a noted twentieth-century psychoanalyst, when recommending that Holden think about his future. To understand the context of discourse around mental health in the s, it helps to know something about World War II and the growth of the field of psychiatry in its aftermath. Leading into the war, the U.

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By contrast, only , troops were admitted to hospitals for physical injuries. Patton dismissed it as imaginary. Even so, nearly half of the military personnel discharged during WWII were discharged due to psychological disorders. Salinger himself was no stranger to wartime trauma and so-called battle fatigue. Shortly after Armistice Day, Salinger checked himself into a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany, out of concern for his mental stability.

Army during WWII. As Holden recalls in Chapter 18, when D. He hardly ever even came in the living room. I felt like jumping out the window.

In order to protect himself from causing harm to his body, his condition needs to be treated. Along with suicidal thoughts, Holden also demonstrates self-destructive behavior. In order to fuel his desire for having a bullet lodged into his stomach, Holden decides to drink alcohol. He tries to drink away his health and problems. Unfortunately, Holden has yet to realize that hiding from his problems behind alcohol will cause greater problems than before. He says "But I'm crazy. I swear to God I am. About halfway to the bathroom, I sort of started pretending I had a bullet in my gut I was on the way to the bathroom to get a good shot of bourbon or something to steady my nerves and help me really go into action.

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To add to the list of symptoms, he displays mood swings. The Mayo Clinic also adds that people with BPD often endure mood swings, causing them to be horribly depressed one moment and wonderfully happy the next.

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Holden, in a way probably not explainable to anyone else other than himself, became depressed by the simple thought of someone who likes to go to movies. This type of behavior is very common in individuals who are diagnosed with BPD. Shortly after being extremely depressed, Holden became rather happy after buying a record for his sister. I could hardly wait to get to the park to see if old Phoebe was around so I could give it to her.

Spencer, in chapter one. After deciding to go visit him he states "I ran all the way to the main gate, and then I waited a second till I got my breath. Spencer in chapter two, Holden has a change of heart.


Diagnosis of Holden Caulfield in A Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Essay

The last symptom he displays is intense fear of abandonment. As stated before Holden has a rather addictive personality. While talking to one of his old friends Sally, after skating with her, Holden tells her about his feeling for her. In the woods or some goddam place. Holden is also afraid of leaving the place where he has spent most all of his time at recently. He mentions, "What I was really hanging around for, I was trying to feel some kind of good-by.

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I hate that. Throughout the entire novel, it almost seems like he is trying to run away from society and the things around him. The treatment plan based on the strategy outlined by the National Alliance on Mental Health is as follows; First of all, Holden needs to stick with the treatment plan and needs to understand that if he is going to get better, then he is going to have to follow this plan. Second, Holden must attend therapy. Studies have shown that this is the best way in order to solve most personality disorders similar to BPD.

Professional therapists know what they are doing and can help Holden in ways he otherwise would never have known about. Next, probably one of the most important steps in this whole process is that he needs to find a positive way to vent painful emotions. It is clear that abusing alcohol and contemplating death are not going to help him get better.

Holden Caulfield Diagnosis

Doing positive things will help Holden to forget about his problems and enjoy himself. To someone with BPD, having something to do that temporarily relieves stress and depression can make all the difference between overcoming their problems and having their life thrown away from unbearable emotions. He needs to recognize that in order to feel better about himself, and needs to take charge and help himself by getting help from others.

Next, he needs to stop drinking.

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One of the worst things you can do while you are depressed or not feeling well mentally is to drink. The only thing that can come out of this situation is dependency and worse emotions after the effects of the alcohol have worn off. Then, he needs to educate himself and realize that knowledge is power.

The more he knows about his disorder the more he can control the situation and come out better off than when he began. Holden needs to do some research on his problems and fully comprehend them as it is nearly impossible to fix something which is not understood.